Three new Isuzu trucks

3isuzu-5sept13-aPutrajaya, 5 September 2103 – Isuzu Malaysia has introduced three new truck variants aimed at providing maximum load haulage capabilities and superior dependability over a variety of terrain and business environments.

The new variants – NPS71, FVZ PRO and FVR285 – are designed for very different market applications but each created to efficiently and confidently handle high loads in their own right.

Speaking at the launch, CEO of Isuzu Malaysia Kimitoshi Kurokawa explained that the new trucks were built to address the needs of businesses or haulers who require added performance coupled with the dependable performance that Isuzu trucks are globally renown for.

“While these new Isuzu trucks are designed to meet the load-hauling demands of customers they are also built to perform reliably and efficiently in whatever environment they are destined for,” said Kurokawa.

An ideal vehicle for moving goods or crops along narrow jungle or plantation tracks, the NPS71 not only develops the highest power and torque figures in its class, it features an advanced 4×4 system that can be quickly engaged or disengaged by the driver for better maneuverability or efficiency as required.

Equally adept on rugged terrain is the all-new FVZ PRO. This powerful and robust 6×4 heavy-duty truck offers remarkable haulage performance, particularly on dirt trails or construction sites where its extremely rigid chassis design, robust underpinnings and a powerful 285PS commonrail engine give it optimal performance and reliability.

Operating comfortably in a very different environment is the new FVR285. This mega-distance performer is designed to chew miles with ease as its 6-cylinder common rail engine delivers 285PS through a 9-speed gearbox. Coupled with the latest interior design and exceptional aerodynamics, the new FVR285 offers not only efficient drives, but remains comfortable and safe for drivers and cargo too regardless of distance.

While the excellent load-hauling capabilities will be key factor for customers to choose any of the new range of Isuzu trucks, fuel efficiency will remain the hallmark of every Isuzu product.

“I believe that the new range of Isuzu trucks will appeal to customers who want the benefit of these highly durable and extremely capable trucks to serve their business needs. But more importantly, the benefits in terms of lowered fuel bills, reduced running costs and significant improvement in load efficiency would remain prime reasons that customers will choose any of these Isuzu products,” added Kurokawa.

“The NPS71 is a light duty truck, the PVR285 medium duty while the PVZ Pro is heavy duty,” said Wan Zaqi Zachary, Product Planning, Isuzu Malaysia.

“In terms of warranty offered, it is 3 years or 100,000km for the NPS71 and 18 months or 80,000km for the PVR285/PVZ Pro,” said Katsuro Ishihara, General Manager, Isuzu Malaysia, in reply to our question.





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