Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Conference

brtcon-19nov19-aPutrajaya, 19 November 2019 – This one of a kind conference was hosted by Volvo Buses, brought together major industry players including Technology Depository Agency (TDA), Prasarana and was officiated by Loke Siew Fook, Transport Minister, Malaysia in the presence of Swedish Ambassador to Malaysia, H.E. Dag Juhlin-Dannfelt, Embassy of Sweden.

“Volvo Buses are extremely proud to be one of the organising partners behind this event. Volvo has immense experience with BRT and was the first to invent and deliver the high-capacity BRT system in Curitiba, Brazil in 1975. Since then, we have been actively involved in expanding BRT to all continents and encouraging discussions such as these to further promote the solution. For growing cities, we have seen excellent benefits from BRT systems such as, the reduction of travel time by 50% and increase to air quality and safety due to fewer cars on the road. At Volvo buses, we truly believe BRT to be the most flexible, scalable and cost-efficient transport infrastructure and we look forward to seeing many BRT developments in Malaysia’s future” says Volvo Buses Senior Vice President, Akash Passey.

The organisation of the conference is part of Volvo Buses commitment to Malaysia’s Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP), which ensures that every Ringgit Malaysia spends on Government procurement, more value in the form of technology transfer, human capital development and local companies’ enhancement in the global supply chain.

The ICP was triggered by Procurement of 90 Volvo Double Deck Buses for Rapid Bus, which exceeds the threshold stipulated in Policy and Guidelines on Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP) in Government Procurement (Second Edition). The Technology Depository Agency (TDA), an agency under the Ministry of Finance Malaysia, is responsible for managing, administering and monitoring all ICP activities implementation in Malaysia.

The conference drew on the experience of BRT specialists, blending global insights with local experience. The aim was to identify and address key considerations in regards to BRT implementation including; planning, tendering, designing, constructing, operating and maintenance.

Key topics which were presented to delegates were:-

·    An international overview of the BRT concept and its suitability to prospering cities
·    Existing business models using examples from across the globe
·    Information on choosing the right technology, design, construction and operation
·    The value of public transport and implementation of land value capture
·    Malaysia’s latest developments in regards to BRT systems

The CEO of TDA, Dato’ Zailani Safari delivered the closing remarks that summarised the conference and highlighted the importance of ICP as an economic tool to develop and strengthen Malaysia’s economy through procuring technology and knowledge that is both foreign and not available locally.

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