Proton’s new SUV – X70

logostdSubang Jaya, 7 September 2018 – A media preview was held today for Proton’s new SUV and it was named X70 following an online naming contest involving 89,800 entries. A number of events are planned across the country in 7 cities for the public to preview this model from 19 September and order taking starts from 8 September with a RM1,000 deposit. Also present were Dr Li Chunrong, CEO, Dato’ Radzaif Mohamed, Deputy CEO and all senior management members of Proton.

‘The silhouette was sculpted with explosive energetic lines inspired by a muscular and agile feline form. More specifically, the shape was drawn from the family of big cats, especially the Malayan Tiger, which is why it conveys a sense of explosive forward momentum,” said Azlan Othman, head of design.

“The link to the majestic animal is further strengthened by the headlamps, featuring daytime running lights (DRL) that create a distinctive pair of ‘eyes’ making the SUV recognisable in any driving environment,” he added.

Luxurious materials such as Nappa leather, brushed aluminium accents and a touchscreen interface that create a marriage of luxury and craftsmanship. The elegant interior lines are accentuated by the interplay between dark and light surface treatments while a Malaysian touch is added by the same Infinite Weave pattern carried over to the interior via the speaker grilles and inserts backing the door handles.