Advertorial – Miles Technical Innovations Spotlighted at Sofico Customer Forum

??????????Customers from nine countries gathered at Sofico’s annual Customer Forum in Ghent, Belgium, for an in-depth update on how new architecture for Sofico’s mainstream Miles platform will help them meet tomorrow’s business challenges.

Global automotive finance, leasing and fleet software provider, Sofico, invites customers at 12-18 month intervals to learn how the Miles system will evolve in the near future.

For the 65 delegates, representing some 25 major Miles’ customers, this year provided an opportunity to give their input on the practical application of Sofico’s product strategy that is designed to keep up with, or even stay ahead of, the latest market trends and developments.

Customers were also introduced to partners with whom Sofico has established strategic relationships to provide new services.

This year these included integrated telematics with TomTom Telematics, a new native mobile capability, Miles Mobile, with digital product designer, In the Pocket, and advanced business intelligence applications and analytics with AE – Architects for Business and ICT.

sofico1Koenraad Van Grimbergen Managing Director at Sofico Services Australia: “Our Customer Forum this year has provided us with the perfect platform to showcase to some of our key customers from around the world a number of new technologies, features and functionality that we have added to Miles.

“Miles is the world’s leading hybrid fleet and retail contract management system but the marketplace is changing so rapidly that we continually need to run to stand still. With the addition of new features such as Miles Mobile, integrated telematics services and new advanced business intelligence analytics, we will be able to provide our customers with the essential tools that they require to stay one step ahead in the rapidly evolving business world.”

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