Advertorial – Summit enriches their Miles experience

Summit Fleet Leasing and Management, the Australian subsidiary of Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service, to further deliver a greater quality of service to their Customers, recently upgraded its Miles management system to Sofico’s latest user interface RIA (Rich Internet Application).

Summit Fleet first implemented Miles in 2005, back when the software solution for finance, leasing, fleet and mobility management companies was released as a desktop application. Since then, Sofico has invested heavily in its Miles system to provide an enhanced user experience with strong data content.

David ClinchDavid Clinch, General Manager at Summit Fleet Leasing and Management said: “RIA has a strong focus on usability and business flows’ promoting efficiencies within our business. The screen designs are context driven and highly customisable, and being browser based, the need to maintain individual client installations is done away with. All in all, it’s an easy and flexible system to manage and a more enjoyable user experience for our team.”

Sofico made the strategic decision to move away from less popular technology and adopt internet based development tools for RIA. The shift has not only increased the quality of development but also streamlined the process, improving speed to market for new functionality.

Koenraad Van GrimbergenKoenraad Van Grimbergen, Managing Director at Sofico Services Australia said: “Miles has always the flexibility in terms of its data model. What RIA brings is a user interface that not only complements this flexibility, but enhances it. Our Customers are always looking improve productivity, RIA facilitates this by providing smarter, better looking and more user friendly screens that better fit business processes. It (Miles RIA) reinforces Sofico’s technological leadership in the industry and strengthens our position in the Australian market.”

Sydney based Sofico Services Australia, which provides software and consultancy services to the automotive finance, leasing, fleet and mobility industry, was established in 2002. Today, the company’s systems manage over 300,000 cars in Australia and New Zealand for a variety of fleet management and leasing companies.

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