Improved 500 series

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA18 February 2017 – Hino Malaysia introduced the improved 500 series last night in conjunction with their 40th anniversary celebration. The gala event was attended by Kenji Nagakubo, managing officer, Atsushi Uchiyama, Hino Motors Japan, Hiroshi Iwai, senior advisor, Tri Hariyanto, Candra Luditama, manager, PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia, Aquil Ahmad Azizuddin, chairman, Ken Iwamoto, managing director, Hino Motors Sales Malaysia, in the presence of dealers and business associates.

The improved 500 series features a number of safety features including side door impact beams, improved driver mirrors, under-run protection, ABS, EGIS (emergency guard impact safety) LCD display panel with eco-driving mode.

“We normally take about 5-years to develop a new model,” said Ngakubo, in reply to a question.

“This 500 series uses the same platform as the 700 series and comes with improved suspension,” said Ken Iwamoto.
“It had also gone through extensive tests covering more than 100,000 km,” he added.

The model range includes 16,000 kg rigid 4×2, 2 variants, 18,000 kg rigid, 4 variants, 26,000 kg 6×2, 6×4, prime mover 4×2 46,000 kg and 6×4 60,000 kg. These prime movers feature a floating cabin and air suspension server seat.

In terms of sales forecast, the target this year is an increase of 1.5% over 2016.