Honda gets pro-active

?????Petaling Jaya, 14 July 2016 – Honda Malaysia sincerely regrets the inconvenience caused by Takata airbag inflator recalls and would like to apologize to our affected customers for the low stock of the replacement parts and for not being able to meet the replacement demands from the customers recently.

?????The replacement parts for Takata (Driver) front airbag inflators have started arriving since last week. We will ensure the replacement parts are delivered to all our dealers nationwide as soon as possible.

In the meantime, as for the replacement parts for the affected Takata (Passenger) front airbag inflators, we are still unable to give indications when we will be able to secure 100% stock availability in Malaysia.

While we work towards ensuring enough stock for replacement, we also look into our servicing capacity ensuring priority for airbag inflator change. Thus, we are focusing on the following measures to increase the capacity for Takata airbag inflator related recalls:

1. Reduce the Preventive Maintenance Service Schedule (maintenance service) intake starting 20th July 2016 at our dealers to 50% in order to increase the capacity for airbag inflator replacement.

2. Open three (3) temporary Central Hubs to further increase capacity for airbag inflator replacement. These three hubs will operate 7 days a week to provide additional centres for airbag inflator replacement, helping alleviate limited dealer capacities for airbag inflator replacement activity.

3. Launch Mobile Hubs nationwide for better customer convenience.

All this is besides the various other measures continuously being carried out including mailing more than 240,000 letters to owners, advertising campaign and press releases to notify the public, outreach campaigns at all on-ground activities and roadshows and many more.